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Dear Valued Customer,

This has been a challenging year regarding shortages of many products we use in our daily lives. So, it is no surprise that Propane is experiencing some of the same supply pains.

Indy Propane is working now to help lessen the potential impact to our WILL CALL CUSTOMERS. We have invested in more storage, increasing our capacity by 40%. Secondly, we are asking our WILL CALL CUSTOMERS for help with this potential issue.

Recommendations for WILL CALL CUSTOMERS: Please keep close track of your tank %. We recommend filling your tank now to avoid higher prices as we enter winter. Prices have been rising all year. We expect prices to increase substantially toward the end of October OR first of November. We also recommend that you call us when your tank reads 40%.

To aid you in keeping track of your tank % level, we are now offering a remote monitor that we attach to your tank gauge. This monitor alerts us via email and you via a cell phone app. You can monitor your tank % anytime on your phone app. We offer this service at $49.95 per year (while supplies last). This service could save you up to 4 times that amount with one “after hours/out of gas fee”.

Our KEEP FULL CUSTOMERS do not need to do anything. We will fill your tank this summer or fall, to have your storage full going into the heating season. You may notice that we may come earlier than normal during winter giving you a smaller fill. We may do this to ensure your tank stays near the full side, thus giving you buffer should supplies become short. We may also deliver when the tank is near the 20% level and not give you a complete fill. If this is the case, we are trying to stretch our supply to ensure everyone has propane.

If you are unsure if you are a WILL CALL CUSTOMER, please contact our office to confirm.

We have been through supply issues in the past and have managed to keep our customers well supplied, and we expect to weather this storm as well.


John O’Keefe

Hendricks, Putnam, Morgan, Montgomery, Boone

Personalized Service

Indy Propane is proud to provide personalized services. We believe your propane service should come from a locally owned and operated business, where the customers’ needs and concerns come first. Our many years of experience in the propane industry has given us the opportunity to fine-tune our products and services, translating into superior service and savings for our valued customers.


We provide propane for the counties of Hendricks, Putnam, Morgan, Mongomery, and Boone from our office in Danville, Indiana.

Economic Propane

At Indy Propane LLC, we take pleasure in offering our valued customers the economical and fair pricing you have come to expect. Indy Propane has created a company with the knowledge and initiative to do our job more efficiently, resulting in lower costs and greater service for our customers. Your budget matters! Let Indy Propane be your friendly, local propane provider.

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Safety Is Our Priority

Indy Propane's focus on safety and education is a commitment to our customers and a promise to always deliver the highest quality service. We're happy to provide you with safety guides and answer any questions you may have.