Products & Services

Residential Propane

Using propane for heating & cooking is a safe and economical choice for many homeowners. Our expert technicians at Indy Propane will always make sure your tank is properly set up & functioning.  We also offer many budgeting options when it comes to filling your tank.

Commercial & Farm Propane

With a strong and long-lasting history in commercial propane services, we can easily provide propane for any business or farm need. Whether it is needed for heating or running equipment, give us a call to find out more.

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Easy Install

  • Indy Propane furnishes propane tanks at no charge.
  • We will even replace your previous supplier's tank!
  • We ensure your new tank is properly set up, so the system is safe and working properly.


Flexible Refill Schedule

  • Our refill options are flexible to meet every need and budget.
  • Options such as will-call, auto-fill, annual pre-buy, and yearly budget plan to help with seasonal fluctuations
  • Indy Propane fits within all budgets!
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Any Size Tank

  • We provide propane in a variety of containers ranging from 100 lb cylinders to 1,000-gallon tanks.



  • We have propane heaters are available for temporary heating use.